Santorini II

They say to be a king, gotta have a golden fleece
But I don’t need the riches just someone to weave
A suit with no lapels as I sing my theme
You’ll find me on the throne fly-er than Ares

They say go find your beauty in Santorini, Greece
But I ain’t looking for a nymph worth a dime piece
I just need a bitch who’ll make me cream
And let me show her culture like she’s never seen


I Wish You Weren’t Here

As I look up into the chemical filled sky
Burnt magnesium, charred cobalt
Your presence permeates as the sounds fly
Bang, bang, I wish you weren’t here

Soft sands caress my butt
Your warm hand grazes my arm
Escaping the heat in the shade of the hut
Crash, crash, I wish you weren’t here


This wretched soul that I hold
Let it not triumph completely
For daily with all effort I toil
To stay inevitable mortality

O my hands, why do you do
What I know, destroys my mind
My spirit retches violently, striving to
Purge all the blackness, all its kind

Without a doubt, I need a savior
Desperately, daily, my self calls
Out into the roaring seas
Rest, my soul, from giant toll

I cannot pay this debt of my own
None save one has po’er to redeem
Me from these thorns I daily sow
“Beloved”, I’m pronounced worthy

Visual Speech

Blackbull rage
Seething, boiling, stirring
Insides churning and turning

I shall not be pushed around
I’m sick of being nice
I shall not rest
I shall not go away quietly

Let my body roar
Against the rushing falls
Let it ache, let fatigue overtake
I will not slip away

Push back, push back
Against the weight of others
Let me fight this torrent
Let me scream against you

My lips have not spoken for long
No, my strength shall no longer be that
Let my actions speak
As anger turns to violence

Fading Home

As the road ends
Something compels me to press
Forward, onward deeper into
The cool inviting forest

The humid air kisses my arms
The soil breathes under my feet
The green leaves calm my eyes
The stream music to my ears

As I emerge, from forest wild
The home I have turns to grey sky
Unfamiliar rain dampens my clothes
Sharp winds mince my face

The waning moon shadows my steps
Jolting my senses away from free fall
I cannot hide as the wind howls around
Beating my soul into submission

Evergreen trees fade from my grasp
Breaking into a run towards the lake
Delirious hope that it will not fade
Though as I reach it, the waters freeze

Howling I curse my fate
Aimless, I wander forward from this date

Soft Demeanor

“Matt Chan, great conversation in the car tonight”
The full moon revealed her face, reflected light
Augmenting her eyes, as I meet her gaze
Diving into pools of joy

Her soft demeanor catches me off guard
Stunned, I nod, lost still in thoughts that darken
The crevices in the basement of my heart
My soul drowns in confusion

“Thanks for the ride”, I mumbled to try
And break the silence, though I fear only
That she sees my failure, for that is who
I am

I will not let anyone plunge into the depths
Least of all another of the opposite sex, “What?”
Wiping my face from confusion I repeat the words
“Thanks for the ride”

She giggles, “No problem” as I reach for the door
And make my exit. “Good night y’all”
Back into the safety of my darkest thoughts
Wrestling the rage