Thoughts from NYC – Part 3

I walked into Times Square and I saw consumerism. Billboards and billboards everywhere. Persuading people to buy this and that. Persuading people to get into this lifestyle or that lifestyle. I enjoyed the Star Wars posters. I enjoyed the intersections, the small strands of plazas that are at each intersection of Broadway and the avenues.

I think there is something unique about NYC. The city has plazas. The Flatiron Building, all the squares around, the plazas, those intersections. I enjoyed them. I enjoyed them greatly.

A small plaza between Broadway and 8th Avenue.

DC has French old world avenues and plazas (or circles). A city built with orderly planning and a visible emulation of the great French, nay, Paris rebuilding.

NYC has ordered plazas, broadways & avenues. Numbered streets and Central Park. Frederick Law Olmstead & Calvert Vaux, the architects behind Central Park paved the way for the High Line.

I’ve visited mountains and I’ve visited cities. I don’t know which I love more.